About Rachelle

Rachelle Skilling is an Artist, Mother and Hairstylist living in Calgary, Alberta. Rachelle graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2003 with her major in Drawing.

Her Artwork has been shown at the Stride +15 Gallery, The Roasterie, Ymay Hair Studio and Private Collections in The Netherlands and Edmonton.

Rachelle’s medium of choice is Acrylic paint on canvas and for her detailed drawing she prefers watercolour markers on paper. Much of her work can be described as narrative artwork because it is usually a reflective of something that has been a personal experience of hers. The painting process that Rachelle uses is quite unique, it is a combination of layering shapes and colours by masking off the edges with tape.

In this exhibit, Rachelle is showing two series of works. The Fertility series explores the physical and emotional process of making a baby. Her second series is an on-going collection which revolves around her passion for hard working Tradespeople. Rachelle has been a hair stylist for the past 20 years and also grew up with her dad owning and operating a painting company.

Rachelle Skilling’s other interests include creating a podcast with her husband called ‘Tip Tap Tip’ which has over 450 episodes! She also enjoys reading, walking, listening to podcasts and getting crafty with her four-year-old son named Beau.